We went on a first cruise to Bahamas with our close friend couples on the Valentine's week.
It was a smaller cruise and the weather was little cooler than we thought but we all had fun.
The dinner on the Valentine's day was great and the midnight chocolate buffet was unbelievable.
This was our first group trip with our friends and we thought we should do this more often. =) 

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Our Norwegian Cruise

Ernest Hemingway home

Atlantis view

Pink house

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Judy & Chuck in Miami

Julie & Jay in Miami

Joyce, Judy and Julie

Group picture 1

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City tour at Nassau

Group picture 2

Beautiful glass sculpture

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JC at Valentine's dinner

JJ at Valentine's dinner

JT at Valentine's dinner

Judy in front of grand piano

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Judy, Julie and Joyce at Atlantis in Nassau

Jae, Taeho and Chuck at Atlantis in Nassau

JC in front of the glass sculpture

JC on the boat to snorkeling