Judy was on the business trip to Las Vegas for about five days and Chuck came along as his vacation.
While Judy was working hard, Chuck was having fun by himself playing golf and climbing the red rocks.
We were able to hanging out at night and the places that we visited were Bellagio, Venetian and the Paris hotel.
Las Vegas is a fun city!!

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Chuck in front of red rock

Chuck climbed to top

TPC Canyons golf course

Chuck playing golf

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Bellagio water show 1

Bellagio water show 2

Chuck in front of water show

Judy in front of water show

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Dinner at Venetian hotel

Shops at Venetian hotel

JC at Bellagio

Glass art work

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Christmas tree at Bellagio

Judy at Venetian hotel

Chuck at Bellagio

Judy in front of Paris hotel