ALOHA!!  Pictures of our Honeymoon to Hawaii for 10 days!

*Click on the picture thumbnails for larger view*

3 Nights at Honolulu (Waikiki Beach)  
Pearl Harbor and City Sightseeing, Cruise Dinner

3 Nights at Kauai the Garden Isle (Poipu Beach)
Hanaley Valley and Waimea Sightseeing, Canyon and Helicopter Flightseeing

3 Nights at Maui the Valley Island (Wailea Beach)
Iao Valley and Haleakala National Park Sightseeing, Snorkeling and Luau Feast

3 Nights at Honolulu

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Waikiki Beach

Honolulu City

Chuck in the Hotel

Pearl Harbor

J C at Pearl Harbor

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J C at Pearl Harbor 2

Judy at pearl Harbor

Chuck in front of Anchor

Punch Bowl

Judy at Punch Bowl 2

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JC Cruise Dinner 1

JC Cruise Dinner 2

Cruise Dinner Dancers

JC with Hula Girls

JC with Tour Director

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CK on the Poipu Beach

Judy on the Poipu Beach

Opaeka's Falls

Princeville Hotel

JC with Birds

3 Nights at Kauai

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Sheraton Kauai Garden Hotel

Hotel Pool

Judy eating breakfast

Chuck eating breakfast

CK Swimming

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CK at the Poipu Beach

JY at the Poipu Beach

Helicopter Flightseeing



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JC at Waimea Canyon

CK at Waimea Canyon

Judy Hang Loose

JC at Waimea Canyon2

Waimea Canyon View

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Poipu Bay Golf1

Poipu Bay Golf2

Poipu Bay Golf3

CK Playing Golf1

CK Playing Golf2

3 Nights at Maui

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Chuck at Iao Valley

Judy at Iao Needle

JC at Iao Needle

JC at Lahaina

JK at Bubba Gump Rest.

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CK at Bubba Gump Rest.

Luau Feast 1

Luau Feast 2

Luau Feast 3

Pig Roast at Luau

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Chuck Kayaking

JC in Scuba Suit


Snorkel 2

Silhouette Turtle

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Maui Sunset 1

Maui Sunset 2

Wailea Beach

Chuck at Renaissance Wailea Beach Hotle

Chuck & Judy